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Texas - Process Server Certification Course (TXPSO101)

In order to get certified to serve process in Texas, you must first go through a certification course. ABC Legal is proud to offer this course free of charge to anyone interested!

Go through the entire curriculum required by the State of Texas and receive your certificate of completion all online at your own pace. This course takes a minimum of 7 hours to complete, so some pages are on a required countdown. If you need to log out the website will save your progress, and you can pick up where you left off. Once the course is complete, you can go on to become certified with the State of Texas by uploading your certificate to the State's online process server certification portal.

Sign up today and start your journey to serving process in Texas!
  • Before You Begin
  • Process Server Basics
  • What is process service?
  • Who is allowed to serve process?
  • Where may service of process be performed?
  • When may / must service of process be performed?
  • How to serve process
  • Duties of a process server
  • Manner of service to an individual
  • Identification of the person to be served
  • Manner of service to an entity
  • Substituted service on the Secretary of State
  • Service on a prison inmate
  • What documents must be delivered?
  • What documents must be delivered?
  • Service of a subpoena
  • Other Laws
  • Other laws not covered by this manual
  • The Judicial Branch Certification website
  • Return of service
  • What is a return of service
  • Who must file a return of service?
  • Where and how must the return of service be filed?
  • When must a return of service be filed?
  • What must be included in a return of service?
  • What is required in a return of attempted service?
  • Affidavits of attempted service to support a motion for substituted service
  • Return of service of a subpoena
  • Amended Return of Service
  • Appendices
  • Criminal Law
  • Federal Rules
  • Justice court rules
  • Form returns
  • Exam
  • ID verification
  • Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever